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Many products before being introduced on the European Union market, according to the EU law, has to be assessed for their safety, health and environmental protection and conformity with legal requirements. These requirements are defined by the European Union  directives so-called “New Approach” directives and a process of assessment of conformity with a directive is often called a product certification. Marking a product with CE mark (or so-called “wheel” mark in case of marine equipment) informs that this product has passed an assessment procedure for conformity with relevant directive(s) and fulfills relevant essential requirements.
Thereby  / mark is like a passport for a product to the EU market. It should be kept in mind, however, that this marking can be put only on products indicated by the New Approach directives, it is forbidden to use CE mark on any other products.

Directives regulations indicate products or product groups where a conformity assessment procedure requires participation of an independent third party, i.e. a Notified Body. On the basis of the document issued by a notified body, the manufacturer prepares a declaration of product conformity and attaches a conformity mark (CE or wheelmark) to the product.

The certificate reflecting a product conformity with the requirements of a relevant directive issued by one of notified bodies is honored in all EU members and associates.

Polish Register of Shipping is one of such independent institutions participating in conformity assessment and product certification procedures. As a Notified Body assigned by the European commission with no. 1463 we carry out assessment of products conformity (certification) with: 

A list of products (harmonized standards) within our accredited products certification competency is listed in the Scope of Accreditation no. AC 114 granted by Polish Centre for Accreditation.

As one of just a few Polish companies we perform verification of annual reports on greenhouse gas emmission (GHG) – being accredited and registered verifier of reports in the European emissions trading system (EU ETS).

Within our competency, upon long experience, we also provide a voluntary assessment of:

  • machinery and safety components for compliance with the requirements of relevant  harmonized standards pursuant to the principal requirements of the directive 2006/42/EC on machinery (MAD),
  • electric products for their conformity with requirements of the directive 2014/35/EU on low
    voltage equipment (LVD),
  • general product safety for conformity with the directive 2001/95/EC (GPS),

The voluntary product certification rules, including certification requirements and the Client’s rights and duties are put in Product certification principles that can be found in the secion below.


Except product certification and conformity assessment we provide certification of welders for metal alluminum and other metals. For details please go to certification of welders subsite.

To get a price offer please send us filled in application form for chosen kind of certification or verification.

You are welcomed to ask any questions by phone or email. We will gladly provide relevant information and clarify doubts with regard to certification procedure suitable for a given product.

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