Offshore wind farms

Offshore Wind Farms

The offshore wind energy industry is one of the fastest developing renewable energy sources sectors in Europe. Projects of the offshore wind farms (OWF) are very popular among investors, in 2024 the sector global value will reach over 16 bln dollars (acc. to Global Market Insight analysis). Investments in this sector grow in Poland, too. Currently, tens of specialized firms are active in Poland in each part of the offshore wind energy value-added chain. According to reports of international consulting companies, realization of such projects in Poland could ensure over 75 thousand workplaces and ca. PLN 60 bln of additional gross domestic product.

Offshore Wind Farms in Poland

Poland recognizes the need for gradual increase of the country potential of renewable energy sources, including those for offshore areas. In terms of the project of the energy policy of Poland until 2040, offshore wind farms of output over 10 GW shall be located in the Polish exclusive economic zone. Realization of these projects is a great opportunity for the Polish industry, as it will affect e.g. the increase in demand for metallurgical materials and vessels necessary in the wind farm construction and operation process. The OWF construction will contribute to the production rise in hi-tech electrotechnical and electronic industries. PRS, meeting expectations of the market and implementing the mission of ensuring the safety of natural environment, developed respective technical requirements for the offshore wind farms in the form of Publication 130/P

Publication 130/P Offshore Wind Farms

PRS-prepared Publication 130/P – „Offshore wind farms” covers the whole life cycle of the offshore wind farm, from the investment preparation, through engineering, fabrication, transportation and installation, commissioning and operation, to decommissioning and utilization. The Publication is addressed to investors, contractors, manufacturers of materials, products and devices, as well as OWF services providers. The PRS Technical Committee, an advisory body comprising representatives of PRS independent institutions (scientific, public administration and branch enterprises), positively assessed this elaboration. In order to improve our Publication 130/P, we continuously consult its contents, collecting remarks and opinions, which will be considered by our experts and surveyors. We invite to enter your suggestions in our questionnaire.


We are a highly-specialized offshore company. We have wide experience and adequately-qualified personnel for the realization of the below tasks within the scope of the offshore wind farms:
•    Certification of organizations, processes, personnel and products in the offshore wind farms value-added chain,  
•    Independent technical support,
•    Capital management consulting,
•    Independent Third Party supervision,
•    Support in understanding and interpreting construction law and Publication 130/P – „Offshore wind farms” provisions.

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