Quality policy

The quality policy being one of the elements of PRS’ general policy is formulated by PRS S.A. Management Board. In formulating the quality policy, first of all PRS takes into account the customers’ expectations related to the supervision to objects.

The quality policy is accomplished by implementing strategic quality objectives covering:

  • formulation and development of Rules which provide the necessary safety level, the natural environment protection and enable application of best available technologies and operational solutions,
  • providing supervision to ensure that objects covered by the supervision meet the requirements of relevant PRS Rules, international conventions, national regulations, as well as technical standards and customer requirements,
  • strengthening PRS brand and standing on the Polish and international market through, among others, membership in international organizations, maintaining relevant authorizations, recognition and certification,
  • extending the scope of the rendered services into other areas of PRS competency,
  • obtaining highly qualified employees and material means enabling provision of services at the required quality level,
  • continual upgrading of service quality through improvement of the Rules, supervision procedures and personnel training,
  • implementing innovative solutions for shipping industry,
  • maintaining and continual improvement of the implemented quality management system.

Furthermore, in order to realize the Quality Policy, specific performance targets are defined for particular processes.

Management Board of Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. is committed to providing the necessary resources to implement the quality policy.

The responsibility for accomplishing approved quality objectives lies with all staff of Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.

For Management Board of
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.
dr hab. inż. kpt. ż.w. Henryk Śniegocki

 The instrument for realizing the quality policy is the quality management system being in operation since 1992.

The quality management system fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001, EN ISO/IEC 17020 standards and NATO – AQAP 2110 publication.

Proper and effective operation of the quality management system is confirmed through annual audits performed by external institutions.

In 2011 after the thorough audit by Department of Quality and Management Systems of Military University of Technology – the accredited certification body authorized by International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), Polski Rejestr Statków received the Statement of Compliance of its quality management system with IACS Quality Management Requirements – IQMSR, which was a key condition of applying for the membership in the Association. On 3 June 2011 PRS again became a member of IACS.

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