Certification of welders

Certification of the welder

Welding requires precision and control and knowledge of techniques of materials joining. The mistake made in this process is usually irreversible and causes damage to materials and even to human health. Hence the importance of good welding techniques. Confirmation of appropriate skills and a condition to perform a welder’s work is a valid certificate of qualification. The acquired competence entitles welder to make inseparable metal joints in a given area.

Course of the certification

Verification of the necessary knowledge and skills of welding takes place during the exam which is conducted under the supervision of the examiner of the Polish Register of Shipping. The practical and theoretical part (if required) is carried out at the contracting company or examination center prepared for such activity.

Candidate for the qualification exam must have completed training in a specific welding process (e.g. fillet welds, sheet metal welds and perimeter welds). In addition, it is recommended to have a hands-on experience in the welding of a group of basic materials to be welded during the exam.

Examination jacks are marked with PRS and passed to recognized laboratories where tests and protocols are being carried out.

The certification process of the welder ends with the issue of a certificate, which confirms the qualifications. A welder is not only authorized to make welded joints within the conditions specified for the exam’s joint, given in the welding authorization, but also to make welded joints in conditions considered simpler, in accordance with the requirements of the standard being the basis of the examination. Welder’s qualifications are granted for a period of 3 or 2 years.

Scope of PRS competence

We certify persons welding inseparable metal joints, i.e. welders of metal, aluminum and other metals. The process is carried out according to the following standards:
–  PN-EN ISO 9606-1
–  PN-EN ISO 9606-2
–  PN-EN ISO 9606-3

At present we are in the process of accreditation at the Polish Centre for Accreditation in scope of the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17024 standard, which will allow us to conduct accredited certification of welding personnel.

We invite all persons interested in obtaining a certificate confirming having the appropriate qualifications of the welder to submit the completed Application for certification of the welder. The application is available for download in the right hand panel or below in the Documents to download section.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail. Contact details in the right hand panel.

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