We are experts in comprehensive investment supervision and technical support, in accordance with the highest international standards. We offer professional supervision over the construction and operation of various technical infrastructure facilities, including steel structures, transmission systems, buildings and more. Additionally, we provide product conformity assessment and technical advice for future projects. Acting with passion and precision, we ensure the success of every investment!

PRS services in land sector

Investor and technical supervision according to construction regulations
PRS offers the function of an inspector in technical supervision based on the provisions of construction law
Independent supervision by a third party
Independent investor and engineering supervision, in accordance with construction law and global standards
Expertise and analyses of industrial objects
Professional expertise and technical analyzes for industrial facilities
Reliability and risk assessment
Providing solutions for operators of complex industrial facilities, including the extraction, processing and transmission of gas and oil
Certification of management systems
Certification of products and persons
Mining plant expert authorization
Expertise in the operation of a mining plant in group XXII - examination of technical and organizational solutions related to the exploration, recognition or extraction of hydrocarbons
R&D services
Research and development activities, production of specialized software, technical consulting
Training courses and education
Management systems and EU regulations
Training for shipowners
Training on technique and technology
Seminars and conferences
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Other services
periodic technical inspections, technical analyses performs periodic technical inspections of floating platforms and issues appropriate technical certificates

Influence on safety with PRS

Thanks to our rich history and deep knowledge, we are the undisputed leader in providing specialized services. Highly qualified staff focuses on ensuring the highest level of safety and offers innovative solutions that translate into the effectiveness and efficiency of each project. We focus on providing comprehensive services that meet the highest quality standards and satisfaction of our customers.

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