Stationary floating objects

PRS carries out supervision of permanently moored floating objects, intended for housing, office, gastronomical purposes, etc. The supervision covers consideration of technical documentation and carrying out surveys and inspections. Upon positive result of survey, the Certificate of Fitness for Sailing is issued.

At present, the PRS technical supervision is performed on the basis of the requirements specified in:

  1. Polish standards (complying with European Standards) concerning ferroconcrete land-based structures, considering loads acting on the floating objects – within the scope of ferroconcrete hull structures (pontoons);
  2. the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Inland Waterways Vessels – within the scope of:
  • hull structures made of steel or equivalent materials,
    • load bearing structure of superstructures/deckhouses,
    • mooring and anchoring hull equipment,
    • bulwarks and railings,
    • freeboard,
    • stability and damage stability,
    • arrangement of escape routes;
  1. technical specifications for buildings referred to in 7-9 of the Construction Law Act – within the scope of installation and equipment of superstructures/deckhouses, i.e.:
    • structures and materials of fire divisions/doors,
    • facade materials and insulations,
    • finishing materials for spaces,
    • internal instalations as well as ventilation and air-condition devices,
    • fire protection (detection, alarm, fire-extinguishing) and lightning protection systems;
  2. decisions and arrangements of local authorities and media providers – within the scope of water and power energy connections, sewage and municipal waste disposal

Experience gained during surveys led PRS to initiate creation of own rules entitled „Technical Rules and Supervision Principles of Designing, Construction and Operation of Stationary Floating Objects”. The key objectives of the publication are: specification of technical and formal requirements for designing, construction and operation of the stationary floating objects, definition of the scope and survey methods of designing, construction and operation of such objects, definition and implementation of appropriate definitions on the Polish territory, as well as support in regulatory and legal issues.

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Some completed projects
our clients under PRS supervision
barka Wrocław
Restaurant Barka Tumska, Wrocław
Restaurant Barka Tumska, Wrocław
pływająca stacja paliw
Petrol station Lotos - Motława, Gdańsk
Petrol station Lotos - Motława, Gdańsk
marina ośrodek sportu
Marine - Sport Center, Myśliborz
Marine - Sport Center, Myśliborz
pływająca restauracja
Augusta Restaurant on Wisla, Cracow
Augusta Restaurant on Wisla, Cracow
pływający hotel
New Port Hotel on WIsla, Cracow
New Port Hotel on WIsla, Cracow
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