Technical supervision of the off-shore systems and structures

Polski Rejestr Statków, anticipating changing market conditions and good prosperity of the off-shore branch, engages own technical and intellectual potential in order to strengthen own presence in this field of activity.

Recently, through the involvement of PRS Branch Office Dubai, PRS registered tonnage was increased by successive drilling platforms operating in the region of Persian Gulf, platform supply vessels and an LPG tanker. 

PRS supervises the off-shore objects since the end of 1970-ties. The self-elevating drilling platform PETROBALTIC has been the first such object. Gradually extending the scope of supervised equipment and systems, PRS currently supervises a considerable percentage of infrastructure associated with excavating crude oil and gas from sea bed to cover inter alia platforms with drilling and production equipment, as well as social facilities and convention equipment, underwater pipelines, offloading buoys and platform supply vessels. The supervision covers also saturation diving systems used at servicing underwater operational equipment.

Based on gathered experience, Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. actively acts in the field of development of underwater technique, by engagement in the construction projects of new underwater objects and necessary technical and organizational solutions ensuring safety of structures, people and protection of marine environment.

PRS carries out surveys based on own technical rules, requirements of local law and international standards.

The PRS Rules are continuously updated, to meet changing market demands. The Rules for the off-shore objects permanently fixed on the sea bed have been developed. The activities are supported by the Polish Maritime Administration and the District Mining Office in Poznań, responsible for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Polish maritime areas.    

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.
Industrial Supervision Division
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