Documents issued by PRS


PRS performs classification survey on the basis of own Rules for the Classification and Construction.

As a result of technical supervision of construction, reconstruction and conversion of floating units PRS issues, and in result of supervision of the units in-service confirms existing or issues a new: 

  • Certificate of Class”– for all floating units covered by the requirements of the Rules for the Classification and Construction, and additionally.
  • Machinery Certificate” – for floating units with mechanical propulsion,
  • Certificate of Class for Refrigerating Plant” – for the floating units provided with refrigerating plant intended for cooling cargo spaces.

Prior to issue of a full-term Certificate of Class (valid for up to 5 years), a Temporary Certificate of Class (valid up to 5 months) is issued. The full-term certificate is issued by PRS Head Office, while the temporary certificate – by Branch Office or Survey Station which performed the survey.  The full-term certificate is issued before the expiry of temporary certificate validity, after the Head Office is ensured that the survey has been performed to the required scope and the floating unit complies with all applicable requirements of the Rules.

PRS starts the activities aimed at issuing appropriate certificates after concluding contract with the Client and after receiving the Client’s Application for classification and statutory services (Form 655a).

Further information on issuing the above classification documents are given in the PRS „Supervision Activity Regulations” (see more here) and in Part I – Classification Regulations of respective Rules for the Classification and Construction (see more here).



PRS performs also direct and indirect supervision of the manufacture of materials and products covered with the requirements of the Rules.

As a result of direct supervision, material/product is issued with:

  • Test Certificate”,


  • Certificate”.

The above documentswhich have no validity limit, are issued by the Head Office, Branch Office or Survey Station which performs the survey.

In result of approval procedure within indirect survey of material/product manufacture, PRS issues:

  • Type Approval Certificate for the product

The Type Approval Certificate is valid for a maximum of 5 years. Based on the certificate, the manufacturer issues own documents for the products, where the reference is made to the number of the Type Approval Certificate. The documents issued by the manufacturer are equivalent to test certificates or certificates issued by PRS.

The manufacturers of materials or products and their representatives interested in receiving a PRS test certificate or certificate on performed surveys and tests for the given material or product, or a Type Approval Certificate, shall apply in this matter to the PRS Head Office or Field Office in a letter. Basic information on the material or product, its quantity and its manufacturer shall be enclosed with the letter.

Upon receiving the letter, PRS defines the extent of documentation to be submitted to PRS.

Prior to tests of material or product, the PRS surveyor carries out verification of the test stand. On the basis of agreed test programme, the tests of material or product are performed.
Based on documentation, positive results of the test stand verification and the tests, PRS issues a Test Certificate for the material or product, certificate on the performed surveys and  tests or Type Approval Certificate. 

Further information on the issue by PRS of the above documents is given in „Supervision Activity Regulations” (see more here), and in the bookmark (available here).

If the Application for Product Type Approval is directed to the Head Office, please contact the Office of PRS Director for Ship Division, e-mail:


PRS performs statutory supervision on the basis of mandatory international conventions, on behalf of the Administrations, who granted appropriate authorization to PRS, respectively to the scope of authorization.

In result of the survey of construction, conversion and reconstruction of floating units PRS issues, while in result of survey of the units in service PRS confirms existing or issues new, Certificates or other documents  provided by respective conventions and/or Administrations’ regulations, respectively to the granted authorization.

Prior to the issue of full-term document (in general valid for 5 years), a temporary document (in general valid for not more than 5 months) is issued. Some documents have unlimited validity. The full-term document is issued by PRS Head Office, while the temporary document – by the PRS Branch Office or Service Station which performed the survey. The full-term document is issued before the validity expiry of the temporary document, after PRS Head Office is ensured that the survey scope is fulfilled and the floating unit complies with all applicable statutory requirements.

PRS starts the activities leading to the issue of respective statutory documents after concluding contract with the Client and after the Client submits Application for classification and statutory services (Form 655a).

As regards certification for conformity with requirements of ISM Code and/or ISPS Code please contact the Safety and Security Management Bureau (e-mail:, which collects applications completed with the use of appropriate form:
– application for SMS certification (Company’s office) – on Form 654a – Application for certification under the provisions of the ISM Code as amended
– application for SMS certification (ship) or appllication for ISPS certification  – on Form 655a – Application for classification and statutory services.


All convention equipment products installed onboard ships shall be type approved by PRS or shall have certificates of conformity with requirements of applicable EU directives.

PRS performs supervision of the manufacture of materials and products for which conventions require the issue of respective document confirming compliance with respective constructional and functional requirements. In general such document is an Approval Certificate which covers defined type or group of products and in general has no validity limit.

In own document issued for the given product, the manufacturer specifies the list of countries which approved the material/product for conformity with applicable requirements.

PRS starts activities leading to the issue of Approval Certificate or other statutory document at the written application sent to the Ship Division Director Office in PRS Head Office (e-mail: or to the nearest PRS field unit.

Further information on the survey and the issue of statutory documents by PRS are given in Part I – Survey Regulations of the Rules for Statutory Survey of Sea-Going Ships.



Product certification for conformity with EU directives is initiated upon receiving application submitted on Form Application for product certification or Application for product certification and conformity assessment in accordance with requirements of Directive 94/25/EC, which shall be sent to:

Further information on the products certification for conformity with EU directives are available below.

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. performs:

  • assessments of conformity:
    • with the EU directives:
      • 2014/90/EU on marine equipment (MED),
      • 2013/53/EU on recreational craft (RCD),
      • 2014/68/EU on pressure equipment (PED),
      • 2014/29/EU on simple pressure vessels (SPVD),
      • 2014/35/EU on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • with the EU regulations:
      • 2016/425 on personal protective equipment (PPER),
      • 305/2011 on construction products (in scope of Factory Production Control (FPC)


  • certification of machinery and safety components for conformity with requirements of respective harmonized standards complying with basic requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery (MAD),
  • certification of electric products for conformity with Directive 2014/35/EU on low voltage equipment (LVD),
  • product verification for conformity with Directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety (GPS),
  • verification of annual reports on greenhouse gases emissions (EU ETS).

PRS starts the activities leading to the issue of an appropriate certificate after receipt of filled in Application for product’s conformity assessment and signed contract for product certification. Submitting the application does not put an obligation to use PRS services, it is only the basis for preparation of a price offer.

Any inquiries concerning product certification for conformity with requirements of the EU directives and regulations as well as application for product certification please direct to PRS Certification Division, tel. +48 58 75 11 273, e-mail:

From 1st December 2020 PRS issues electronic documents for ships classified by our society. In the first step a new service covers certificates for sea-going vessels and small sea-going ships.

Implementation of modern, more convenient and safer, in the current state, solution enable to receive classification and statutory documents in an electronic version. So far, all certificates issued by PRS, in order to be valid, had to be prepared in a paper version.

Certificates issued in electronic form are equivalent to existing paper documents. E-certificates contain all data from the previous paper versions, including their authorization by PRS, and their possession does not require additional storage of paper certificates.

Benefits for ship owners and ship operators of having electronic certificates:

  • they are easily and always available,
  • they are safer than paper documents,
  • there is no risk of their loss or misplace,
  • issued certificates are available immediately, without the need to wait for a paper delivery,
  • their validity and authenticity can be verified at any time,
  • they reduce costs of documentation administration.

We issue e-certificates at the request of the shipowner/ship operator. Please send an Application for an electronic certificates to the Sea-Going Ships Survey Department at

Attention! The possibility of issuing electronic documents depends on whether such kind of documents are accepted by the administration of the flag state under which the ship flies. PRS checks this possibility before issuing the documents.

We encourage our clients to switching to convenient electronic documents.

More information about electronic documents can be obtained directly from Sea-going Ships Survey Department at

Search engine for e-certificates

Together with e-certificates we are launching a search engine for electronic documents issued for ships under the supervision of our classification society on our website: The search engine allows to check the status of e-certificates issued by PRS. It enables to verify whether the document is valid, cancelled or whether it was issued by PRS at all.

In addition to documents confirming compliance by the floating unit, material or product of applicable requirements of classification or statutory rules, or EU directives, PRS issues:

• Certificate of Fitness for Sailing
This document is issued by PRS for the floating objects which are not covered by the requirements of PRS Rules. The Certificate of Fitness is issued for a period not longer than 1 year; for inland waterway objects in service in areas 2 and 3 for a period not exceeding 3 years.

• Single Voyage Declaration
The document is equivalent to Temporary Certificate of Class and may be issued for the floating unit with navigation conditions to be restricted. Such document may also be issued to the unit without valid class.
As the document name states, the Declaration is valid for a single voyage, for a  defined route and conditions specified therein.  

• Towing Train Voyage Declaration
Such document issued by PRS confirms that technical condition of a towing train (tug and towed object) is such that safe voyage may be conducted  on a defined route, at a defined period and the document conditions being maintained.

• Orzeczenie o stanie technicznym (Statement on technical condition)
The document is issued by PRS for the following ship components: hull, machinery, electrical equipment. The document is issued on the basis of assessment of ship components wear.

For the issue of the above documents, the nearest PRS Branch Office or Survey Station shall be contacted. Their addresses can be found on the Contact list.

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