On 20 June 1967 the Minister of Shipping established the Polish Centre for IMO Affairs to conduct in-country matters relating to the activities of the IMO and the participation of Poland in the work of that Organization. The Centre operates at the Polish Register of Shipping as an institution closely related by the nature of its activities to the work and objectives of IMO. The basis for the Centre’s operation is the Rules of Procedure issued on 2 July 1974 by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Maritime Affairs.

The main responsibilities of the Centre include the preparation of substantive materials for the Polish delegation to the sessions of IMO bodies and informing the concerned institutions about the issues considered by IMO, as well as the topics prepared and foreseen to be taken up.

The Centre carries out its activities within specialised sections, which are the equivalent of IMO bodies. Sections analyse matters considered at sessions of IMO bodies, prepare positions of the Polish side and draw conclusions resulting from decisions taken by IMO.

The specialist sections of the Centre are composed of persons appointed by heads of offices, institutions and maritime enterprises as their representatives, as well as the specialists invited to cooperate by the President of the PRS Management Board. The chair and vice-chair of a given section are elected by the section members, whereas its secretary is a designated employee of the Centre.

Organisation of the Centre

The Centre currently has the following sections:

  • Maritime Safety (MSC)
    • Chair – adv. Aleksandra Lubowska (PRS)
    • Secretary – Hanna Słąba (PRS)
  • Legal (LEG)
    • Chair – Karolina Sypion-Babś (PRS)
    • Secretary – adv. Aleksandra Lubowska (PRS)
  • Marine Environment Protection (MEPC)
  • Chair – Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Kołwzan (PRS)
  • Secretary – Karolina Sypion-Babś (PRS)
  • Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR)
    • Chair – Wojciech Wąsowski (Gdynia Maritime Office)
    • Secretary – Karolina Sypion-Babś (PRS)
  • Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC)
    • Chair – Dr. Marzenna Popek ,Assistant Professor (Gdynia Maritime University)
    • Secretary – adv. Aleksandra Lubowska (PRS)
  • Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR)
    • Chair (NAV matters) – vacancy
    • Vice-Chair (COMSAR matters) – Dr. Eng. Karol Korcz (Gdynia Maritime University)
    • Secretary – adv. Aleksandra Lubowska (PRS)
  • Ship Design and Construction (SDC)
    • Chair – Dr. Eng. Zbigniew Szozda, Assistant Professor (Maritime University of Szczecin)
    • Secretary – Hanna Słąba (PRS)
  • Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE)
    • Chair (LSA matters) – Magdalena Jabłonowska (LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A.)
    • Vice-Chair (FP matters) – Eng. Michał Baran-Barański (FIRE DAM sp. z o.o.)
    • Secretary – Hanna Słąba (PRS)
  • Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW)
    • Chair – Dr. Eng. Henryk Śniegocki, Assistant Professor (Gdynia Maritime University)
    • Vice-Chair – Dr. Eng. Przemysław Wilczyński, Assistant Professor (Gdynia Maritime University)
    • Secretary – adv. Aleksandra Lubowska (PRS)
  • Implementation of IMO Instruments (III)
    • Chair –  Capt. Przemysław Lenard (Szczecin Maritime Office)
    • Vice-Chair – Capt. Sławomir Hołyst (Gdynia Maritime Office)
    • Secretary – Karolina Sypion-Babś (PRS)

For more information about IMO see the website:

More information about Polish Centre for IMO Affairs you can find on page in Polish.

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.
Ośrodek ds. IMO
al. gen. Józefa Hallera 126
80-416 Gdańsk

dr inż. Krzysztof Kołwzan
Kierownik Ośrodka
tel. 58 75 11 226
Aleksandra Lubowska
Zastępca Kierownika Ośrodka
sprawy CCC, NCSR, HTW, LEG
tel. 58 75 11 129
Karolina Sypion-Babś
sprawy MEPC, PPR, III, archiwum
tel. 58 75 11 389
Hanna Słąba
sprawy MSC, SDC, SSE, biblioteka
tel. 58 75 11 390

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