Testing Laboratory of the Polish Register of Shipping is the only laboratory in Poland engaged in testing life-saving appliances and personal flotation devices, which can boast an implemented quality system conforming to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 Standard, which is confirmed by an accreditation certificate issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, within the above range.  

Our Laboratory, according to the scope of accreditiaion, conducts testing of flammability of the ship structures, like: 

  • bulkheads, 
  • windows, 
  • doors.

At present, testing covers tens of parameters, in four testing areas:  

  • acoustic and noise tests of personal protective equipment,
  • fire testing of personal protective equipment,
  •  tests of personal protective equipment and liferafts,
  •  testing physical qualities of personal protective equipment and liferafts;

and in eight groups of tested objects:

  • personal flotation devices – lifejackets, level 275,
  • personal flotation devices – lifejackets, level 150,
  • personal flotation devices – lifejackets, level 100,
  • personal flotation devices – buoyancy aids, level 50,
  • lifebuoys,
  • lifejackets,
  • inflatable lifejackets,
  • liferafts.

The accreditation scope of our Testing Laboratory is available here (only in Polish).

In every-day work we derive from many years’ experience in carrying out tests. At the same time, we continue to broaden our testing capabilities by taking advantage of PRS personnel qualifications and adjusting the scope of testing to meet market demand.  

Our laboratory offers also testing of the below groups of products:

  • position-indicating lights for life-saving appliances, 
  • immersion and anti-exposure suits,
  • thermal protection eqipment,
  • line throwing appliances,
  • life boats,
  • rescue boats,
  • navigation lights.

Additionally, we can conduct environmental and low-voltage tests, including : dry heat test, damp  heat-cyclic test, cold test, sinusoidal vibrations test, inclination test, insulation resistance measurements, testing electric strength of electrical equipment and apparatus insulation acc. to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, harmonized standards and PRS Publication No. 11/P “Environmental Tests on Marine Equipment”.

We invite you to use our services. We ensure:

  • information confidentiality,
  • professional approach,
  • short time tests execution,
  • competitive prices.

We ensure reliable and competitive offer as well as efficient and professional service.

Certification Division
PRS Testing Laboratory
al. gen. Józefa Hallera 126
80-416 Gdańsk, Poland

tel: +48 58 75 11 374
      +48 58 75 11 351


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