Ship surveys

Survey services at PRS

The Polish Shipping Register (PRS) is the leading surveyor institution. To meet the growing challenges and expectations of the maritime industry, PRS provides comprehensive survey services for various types of ships. Our high standards, extensive experience and commitment to innovation make us a trustworthy partner for shipowners and maritime operators. We attach great importance not only to ensuring compliance with regulations, but also to promoting the safety, quality and operational efficiency of the maritime fleet.

Survey of new construction, modification, and/or reconstruction
Survey of vessels in service
Assignment of class to existing vessels
Survey of containers under construction and in service, approval of containers
Survey of naval craft and special purpose ships and objects

Additional survey services

Polish Register of Shipping – Your safety on the waters!

The Polish Register of Shipping (PRS) protects the safety and quality of the maritime fleet. Our comprehensive classification and statutory surveillance services cover the supervision of a variety of vessels, ensuring full compliance with both national and international standards.

PRS classification survey guarantees that the technical documentation complies with our strict requirements, and the construction, reconstruction and renovation of units take place under our watchful eye. Our inspections of units in operation confirm their compliance with PRS regulations, and the classes and Class Certificates we award are synonymous with reliability and safety.

PRS statutory survey is a guarantee that the units meet the requirements of international conventions and codes, such as SOLAS, COLREG or MARPOL. Our inspections and audits ensure full compliance with regulations, and environmental and safety certificates confirm the high quality of our services.

PRS is also an expert in certifying various aspects of marine life, from cargo transportation to safety management. Our activities also include issuing documents authorizing you to perform various activities at sea, from the transport of grain to dangerous cargo.

We constantly care about the safety of our clients, offering both direct surveys, through reviews and inspections, and indirect surveys, through certification and recognition. Each order is a challenge for us to provide the highest quality services you deserve.

Choose the Polish Register of Shipping – safety at every stage of the sea journey!

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