Assignment of class to existing vessels


1. Step one

Please contact the Sea-Going Ships Survey Department (, tel. +48 58 751 11 48, fax +48 58 346 03 94) or the nearest PRS Branch / Representation Office for all the necessary information and then fill in and send to PRS the Application for Classification and Statutory Services.

The Form includes the basic information about the ship – her current classification and statutory standing, which determines the class assignment procedure.

  • If your vessel is classed by a Classification Society verified for compliance with IACS Quality Systems Certification Scheme (QSCS), Transfer of Class (TOC) applies. Formal and technical requirements of this procedure are described in PRS Publication No. 97/P – Transfer of Class and Adding, Maintaining or Withdrawing Double or Dual Class.
  • If your vessel is classed by a Classification Society other than the above-mentioned or lost her class more than 6 months ago, the TOC procedure does not apply. The scope of survey for class assignment is as for Class Renewal Survey (the so-called Special Survey).
  • If your vessel has never been classed, we need the ship’s technical documentation for consideration and approval. The scope of the survey is as for Class Renewal Survey (the so-called Special Survey) plus on board verification of the ship’s construction and equipment for compliance with the technical documentation.

2. Step two

Make arrangements with PRS Branch Office specified by PRS Head Office to conduct the survey for the class assignment.

3. Step three

Prepare the vessel for the survey. Following the positive result of the survey, the Temporary Certificate of Class will be issued to allow the vessel to operate.

Step four

After PRS Head Office completes verification of the survey reports, the vessel will obtain a full term Certificate of Class.


We are a medium size classification society so we treat each customer individually, with SPECIAL ATTENTION. You will not feel lost in a complex company structure. You will always KNOW whom to contact, YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT ALONE and will always receive friendly ASSISTANCE.

OUR ultimate GOAL is safety of life and goods at sea and the maritime environment protection. We offer you competent and thoughtful advice useful in difficult market conditions.

Although one of our key tasks is development of Rules for new constructions, CLASSIFICATION OF EXISTING SHIPS is a main area of our operation. Using in-house analytic methods, we can quickly specify what should be done on board the ship to comply with the current and retroactive class and statutory requirements.

Because WE ARE AUTHORIZED by major Maritime Administrations to perform statutory services on their behalf, your ship will be surveyed and certified (inclusive of ISM and ISPS certifications) by one organisation – PRS. This means that compliance with all the applicable requirements may be verified within one inspection.

We operate in accordance with a certified QUALITY SYSTEM and standard AQAP 2130, which guarantee a high level of services rendered.

WE ARE COST-CONSCIOUS. Acting on our advice, you will not incur any additional costs connected with the transfer of class, apart from the costs for the services rendered.

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.
Ship Division
Sea-Going Ships Survey Department

al. gen. Józefa Hallera 126
80-416 Gdańsk, Poland

tel: +48 58 75 11 148

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