Emergency response center (ERC)

From 1st July 2016, Polish Register of Shipping has launched a new service of quick advice to ship-owners in emergency situations – a so-called Emergency Response Center (ERC). The service consists of fast-consulting activated in emergency situations that may encounter ship and its crew e.g.:

  • hull damage,
  • grounding,
  • moving of the cargo,
  • fire,
  • explosion,
  • collision with a fixed or movable object,
  • excessive tilt etc.

The Emergency Response Center consists of a four-persons team including specialists on stability, hull strength, fire safety and environmental protection. In exceptional cases, specialists on other fields may join the membership. Work of the team is managed by the coordinator, who is also the contact person for customers.

For ensuring reliable operation of the team, an appropriate hardware, modern means of communication and independent power supply in case of power outages has been given at its disposal. Thereby, our specialists have the most current information and can properly assess threats for a ship in an emergency situation from 4 up to 12 hours. Previously created ERC ship computer models also ensure, that the team is able to propose a way of working.

The Owner shall notify PRS of an emergency on the number: +48 58 75 11 148 and e-mail address: erc@prs.pl

It is worth mentioning, that the work of the members of the Emergency Response Center is purely advisory and consultative. Thanks to the constant contact with the ship’s crew and the owner’s representative during an emergency situation, this service helps to assess the current situation better and make right decisions by the master.

In case of signing the contract between the shipowner and the PRS, the shipowner is obliged to fill in three forms, which are annexed to the Agreement:

  1. List of ships covered by PRS ERC services
  2. Technical documentation specification
  3. Instructions for Owner
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