Product type approval

A product manufacturer interested in obtaining a Type Approval Certificate for a product should send a certificate request to PRS Head Office or PRS field office. The submitted request should include basic information about the product.

On receipt of the request, PRS specifies the documentation required for the approval process.
Next tests are performed as projected in an agreed test programme. A PRS Surveyor also inspects the production site.

Successful documentation review, completion of the agreed test programme and inspection ends with PRS issuing a Type Approval Certificate defining the scope of approval and certificate validity date.

Mutual Recognition of Product Type Approval and Agreed Procedures:

EU recognised classification societies agreed on technical and procedural requirements for mutual recognition of product type approval certificates for a group of several tens of products earmarked for ships. Successful completion of a type approval procedure compliant with unified requirements and performed according to the agreed procedures means that a certificate issued by one society is recognised by all the others.

Guidelines for product type approval under the agreed requirements and procedures are available in PRS issued Publication No. 102/P – European Union Recognised Organisations Mutual Recognition Procedure for Type Approval.

A manufacturer producing a PRS approved product may use PRS approval labels for marketing purposes as projected in the applicable rules available here.
A regularly updated list of PRS type approved products, including products recognised under the agreed requirements and procedures for mutual recognition can be found in the online Record of products, firms and laboratories having valid PRS approval.

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