Examination of personnel welding and welding plastics

Personnel welding and welding plastics are granted PRS qualifications after checking their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Exams are carried out at the client’s request, in his company or centers/companies prepared for such activities. The final document for welder recognition is the Welder Qualifying Examination Certificate.

The procedure for examining welders is presented in Publication 108/P – Examination and certification of personnel welding and welding plastics. It contains the rules of examination, admission to the examination, as well as the scope of authorizations of certified personnel.

The publication applies to personnel performing thermoplastic bonding processes using the following techniques:

  • welding and hot gas welding,
  • welding and hot tool welding,
  • hot wedge welding,
  • electrofusion welding,
  • extrusion welding.

Publication 108/P is also available in the PRS Regulations and Publications > PRS Publications P (Regulations) and I (Information) tab.

Current list of welders with PRS qualifications

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