Recreational craft – Directiv 2013/53/EU RCD

Directive 2013/53/EU of 20.11.2013, called RCD Directive, applies to recreational craft of any type, any propulsion, of hull length from 2.5 m up to 24 m, completely or partly equipped, or to their components. 

Detailed scope of RCD Directive application and the list of products excluded from the scope of the Directive is available here.

The list of the EU law regulations specifying requirements concerning the certification of recreational craft for conformity with RCD Directive is available here.

Directive 2013/53/EU introduces the division of recreational craft for 4 design categories.

The manufacturer chooses the conformity assessment procedure (module/s), which shall be applied at the certification of the recreational craft, taking into account its design category and hull length. Also by the certification of personal watercraft, a component of recreational craft, exhaust or noise emission, the procedure (module/s) shall be chosen as specified in the Directive for the given case.

The basic and recommended method of proving that a recreational craft or its component fulfils the applicable requirements of Directive 2013/53/EU is application of standards harmonized with the directive by the assessment of design and construction.

On the list of about 60 standards harmonized with RCD Directive there are two standards, whose application in the certification process is obligatory: PN-EN ISO 8666 Standard – Principal data and PN-EN ISO 10087 Standard – Small Craft – Craft identification – Coding system. Detailed information on assignment of a CIN number (Craft Identification Number) to the recreational craft are available here.

Manufacturers of complete recreational craft or their components subject to CE marking are obliged to attach Conformity Declaration to each product. Information concerning Conformity Declaration, Declaration forms and their filling instructions are available at and

The European Commission imposes on notified bodies an obligation to publish the list of issued certificates. Status of conformity documents issued by PRS for recreational crafts and its components can be checked through Certificate Search Directory available in the right side panel and also below Related documents section at the bottom of the page.

Additional information on the certification of recreational craft may be obtained on the English language page, the website of the Recreational Craft Sectorial Group (RSG), the organization established to coordinate works of the notified bodies to RCD Directive and other bodies engaged in the process of conformity assessment of products in this area.  RSG makes available on its webpage the following publications: text of Directive 2013/53/EU, RSG Guidelines for manufacturers, notified bodies and all parties engaged in the process of conformity assessment of recreational craft, containing the set of Recommendations for Use – RFU, which shall be taken into account by notified bodies at certification; the publication is annually updated.

The Polish Register of Shipping as a Notified Body (No. 1463) for RCD Directive in full scope, except exhaust emission, participates in respective scope in the process of assigning CE marking.

If you wish to acquire  conformity marking for products you manufacture and/or sell, please:

  • choose the module, i.e. conformity assessment procedure, the product is to be subjected to, and
  • send us completed Application Form for Product Certification (Submitting application does not mean an obligation to use our services, it is only the basis to prepare our offer for your Company).

In case of any doubts as regards module that shall be applied to certification of your product or if you wish to get further information on our services, we invite you to contact us by phone and email. We will provide any information and indicate procedures which are obligatory at obtaining CE marking.

 We ensure reliable and competitive offer as well as efficient and professional service execution.

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