Factory Production Control – Regulation no. 305/2011 – FPC

Regulation No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council of 9 March 2011 lays down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products and repeals Council Directive 89/106/EEC related to these products. The Regulation defines, among the others, requirements for the Factory Production Control system in a production plant. 

The Factory Production Control (FPC) means the documented, permanent and internal control of production in a factory made by the manufacturer. The purpose of the effectively implemented FPC system is to ensure manufacturing stability and achieving the product characteristics in accordance with technical specifications and as declared by the manufacturer.

From 1st July 2013 producers, importers and distributors placing or making their products available on the EU market shall directly apply requirements of Regulation No. 305/2011. Manufacturers of steel and aluminium constructions are obligated to prepare a Declaration of performance and label their products with CE mark before placing them on the market. The European Committee determined final adjustment to application of EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components for 1st July 2014.

Polish Register of Shipping, upon granted accreditation no. AC 114, as a notified body no. 1463 conducts conformity assessment of Factory Production Control for metal construction products and aggregates for applications requiring high security in 2+ system. Principles of FPC certification conducted by PRS are available in section Related documents and information at the bottom of this page. 

In accordance with requirements of regulations concerning declaring product conformity by the manufacturer in the evaluation system 2+ (as indicated in a harmonized technical specification), we execute the process of Factory Production Control certification based on initial inspection of manufacturing plant and FPC system and continuous surveillance, evaluation and acceptance of Factory Production Control. Certificate of constancy of construction product performance issued by our institution proves the positive result of conformity assessment of Factory Production Control in the production plant. It is a basis for the manufacturer to mark the product with the CE mark.  Guidelines for certification of Factory Production Control are available in section Related documents and information at the bottom of this page.

If your Company is interested in certification of FPC with participation of our institution, please send to us a completed Application for Certification of Factory Production Control (the Application does not mean an obligation to use our services, it is only the basis to prepare an offer for your Company).

Due to a long period time of implementation and certification, we invite you to apply for Certification of FPC as soon as possible.

If you have any doubts as regards selecting the module of conformity assessment procedure for a given product or if you wish to get further information on our services, we invite you to contact us by phone or email. 

We ensure reliable and competitive offer and efficient and professional service execution.

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