The Polish Waterbone transport sector undelines the importance of cooperation in RD&I

The Polish Waterbone transport sector undelines the importance of cooperation in RD&I

On March 23, 2024, Waterborne Technology Platform management met with representatives of the Polish waterborne transport sector, to discuss the need for cooperation on RD&I concerning zero-emission, safe, digital, and competitive waterborne transport.

The whole press release of Waterborne TP can be read here.


WATERBORNE TP has been set up as an industry-oriented Technology Platform to establish a continuous dialogue between all waterborne stakeholders, such as classification societies, shipbuilders, shipowners, maritime equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers, universities or research institutes, and with the EU Institutions, including Member States ( The members of Waterborne TP comprise members as well as associated members from both maritime and inland navigation countries, representing about 19 Member States. In addition, the Association’s members of the Waterborne Technology Platform represent the broader waterborne sector throughout the entire EU.

Inquiries concerning how to join and become more closely involved in the “Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport” partnership or other activities of the Waterborne TP can be sent to: Jaap Gebraad, Secretary General Waterborne TP,, tel: +32 493 835 626.

Polish Register of Shipping (PRS) 
is an independent expert institution acting on the international safety assurance and risk management market, whose business is conducted for the benefit of the marine community. Through formulating the requirements, survey, and publication of the appropriate documents, we assist State Administrations, Underwriters, and clients in ensuring the safety of people, floating objects, land undertakings, the safety of carried cargo, and that of the natural environment. As a ship classification society, we are an IACS Member and as RO we act on behalf of maritime administrations based upon 42 authorizations of Flag States.

Inquiries concerning the Polish Register of Shipping activity in the area of research, development, and innovations can be sent to: Marek Narewski, tel: +48 601 173 675.

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